Dosage and use

KIFF CBD is a miracle oil. Certainly when the correct dosage in used and if it’s taken correctly. And based on this info, we would like to give you a helping hand.

  • Best way to take it
  • Dosage
  • How and when can I increase the dosage?
  • Best time to take CBD oil?
  • What happens if I take too much CBD?

Best way to take it?
Dropping directly under the tongue gives the best absorption effect. This is where the mouth mucous membranes are, so that your body can efficiently absorb the KIFF CBD and it ends up in the right places. If your fine motor skills do not cooperate, the oil can also first be dripped on a spoon.

Here is the formula for success:

  1. Shake it baby, always shake well before use
  2. Drip the CBD oil under your tongue
  3. Wait 60 to 90 seconds
  4. Swallow the oil

Our products have a mild CBD taste, less overpowering than many other brands. If you still find this unpleasant, it can also be added to food or a drink, but in this case some of the CBD is lost in the digestive process. You can also choose for one of our KIFF CBD oils with flavours based on natural terpenes.

CBD oil dosage
Finding the right dosage of CBD oil is different for everyone. It is possible to determine a dosage of CBD oil on the basis of body weight, but this also excludes important indicators. So what are factors that can influence the effectiveness of CBD on your body and the amount of CBD that is needed:

  • How much stress are you experiencing at the moment?
  • Do you usually have a negative thinking pattern or a positive thinking pattern?
  • Frequency of sport and do you sleep enough to recover?
  • Are there any medicines that you take occasionally or constantly?
  • How healthy is your diet? Do you live on junk food or are you a vegetable fanatic?
  • Do you experience fast effects from supplements?

However, CBD is a very effective substance. If you don't feel anything from it, it may be that the current dose needs to be increased.

What is your body trying to tell you?
Therefore, try out different amounts of CBD oil, through this you will soon find out what works best for you. If you very stressed then it probably pays to increase the dosage slightly. So listen to your body.

Starting dose
Our advice is to start with two drops in the morning and two drops in the evening. Continue this for a whole week. Every following week you can then increase the dosage with one or two extra drops. Keep increasing the dosage slowly until you have found your ideal dose.

If you still don't notice anything after a few increases? Then it might be worth trying a stronger CBD percentage. Suppose that you started with our 5% KIFF CBD oil, then you can perhaps go for the 15% or 30% CBD oil. Start again with a few drops and build up until you are satisfied.

When is it best to take CBD oil?
Spread the intake throughout your whole day. In this way, you keep the amount of KIFF CBD in your body at the right level and you maintain the benefits throughout the day.

What happens if I take too much CBD?
Our advice is always to slowly build up the amount of CBD oil. Overdosage of CBD is very unlikely. A large number of studies have already been conducted into CBD. In all these studies, no drastic side effects have been observed by scientists. Not even at extremely high doses (1,500mg).