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Dosage and use

KIFF CBD is a miracle oil. Certainly when the correct dosage in used and if it’s taken correctly. And based on this info, we would like to give you a helping hand. Best way to take it Dosage How and when can I increase the dosage? Best time to take CBD oil? What happens if I take too much CBD? Best way to take it? Dropping directly under the tongue gives the best absorption effect. This is where the mouth mucous membranes are, so that your body can efficiently absorb the KIFF CBD and it ends up in the right places. If your fine motor skills do not cooperate, the oil can also first be dripped on a spoon. Here...


What is CBD?

CBD can be found in an increasing number of drugstores, pharmacies, smartshops, health stores and also online. More and more people are seeing and experiencing the special and wide range of health benefits of CBD. Despite this, there is still an aura of mystery and sometimes even a taboo surrounding CBD and the hemp plant which is completely unnecessary. We would like to clarify the following issues for you. Where does CBD come from? Difference between CBD and THC? What is CBD? What does CBD do in the body? Where does CBD come from?CBD is the shortened version of the name for cannabidiol, and has become an increasingly popular choice as a natural treatment for a wide range of health...